How to Fix “Your DNS Server Might be Unavailable” Error.

Internet connection is the need of the day. You don’t only need it to search stuff related to your academics, but it is also necessary to connect with your friends, family, colleagues through emails, Skype, etc. One of the general issues that are faced by many of the users related to their Internet connection is “Your DNS server might be unavailable”. It is a clear indication that the connection is not working in a proper manner and your internet will not work unless you resolve the problem. The same error is known as DNS Server Unavailable error.

  1. Reset your Router

This is the trouble-free way to resolve the issue. People who are using a router to set up  their internet connection they just need to unplug the router and then connect it again after a while and then hit the reset button located on the router. So your problem will be resolved if it is a small issue and you will be able to use the internet in an instant manner.

  1. Eliminate extra security programs

Some users have more than one security tool on their Windows which is a big threat to the internet connection. The reason is that many programs are not compatible and there are further inconsistencies generated along with antivirus software. Thereby, you don’t need to install multiple antivirus programs, just uninstall unnecessary programs and keep one antivirus only for your Windows.

  1. Run Windows Network Troubleshooter

It is the fastest way to get rid of this issue. With the help of troubleshooter, you will be able to check the reason for DNS error and to resolve the problem in a quick manner. People who are new and have not much idea that how to fix such errors, it is the best way for them to address the issue and to resolve it. Simply go to the Start, type ‘network troubleshooter’ in the search box and track the screen prompts.

  1. Wash out the DNS

By following the mentioned steps you will be able to request a new IP address from the ISP server and the matter may resolve with it.

  • Open the Start option
  • Now press Wind+R with the help of the keyboard
  • A Run box will be exhibited
  • Enter ‘cmd.exe’
  • Cmd Windows will be shown where simply type “ipconfig / flushdns” ; “ipconfig / release” ; “ ipconfig / renew” ; “exit”.
  1. Fix the error in Wifi Connection

In case you are using Wifi then here is the solution to fix the “Your DNS server might be unavailable”error.

  • Confirm the Wifi connection. You need to check the connection device to check where is the problem occurring
  • Now try to connect to the Web page by using another device
  • Check the modem and router to identify that power cable is working or not
  • If you have a mobile phone, then go to Settings, click on Mobile data, then select the Rearrange the configurations.