How To Embed a YouTube Video In PowerPoint

These days presentation without video seems quite unexciting, and it’s difficult to engage the audience just with the help of the content in the PowerPoint slides. YouTube videos are the best option to make your words more effective and through this option, you are not only able to grab the audience’ attention but also convey your point in a more convenient manner.

As it is the era of social media where everyone is addicted to using social sites and you can make your words appealing with the help of this tool. There are two common ways to insert YouTube video into the PowerPoint. One way is to embed the Flash video in the slide itself and the other way is to provide the link of the YouTube video from the slide, and the user can play this video easily just by clicking on the given link.

It also depends on the conference venue that which type of method is appropriate because high-speed internet connection is required to stream the YouTube video live from the Internet but if there is no internet facility is available then it is better to download the video onto your PC. Just embed the video as a local file by downloading it into your computer and you can run the video with a single click, and there is no need of internet connection.


Embed YouTube Videos Directly into PowerPoint

This is the best option for you if you have a speedy internet connection. You just need to download and install the video Wizard plug-in from here, and you will find a new Insert YouTube Video command that is located on the PowerPoint Toolbar. There is a very simple method to embed the video. You just need to type the URL of the YouTube video and follow the wizard to insert the video player in your existing slide of the PowerPoint. You are also allowed to resize the video. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the current position of the video then it also lets you reposition the video player just like any other material that you can adjust on the slide.



Play YouTube Videos in PowerPoint Without The Internet

In this method, you need a fast internet connection that is used to playback the video during the presentation or slideshow. To play the live YouTube video, download the YouTube video into your PC. There are various formats are available to download the video such as AVI or Windows Media so you can use any of the given formats to embed the YouTube video, but the other formats such as MP4 or FLV formats of the YouTube are not compatible with the PowerPoint so try to avoid these formats. When you saved the video in the format of WMV or AVI, then go to the PowerPoint and select the Insert option, go to Movie, select the file from the available options that put your YouTube video into the existing slide.