Four Ways to Clean an Electronic Cigarette

The most prominent feature of electronic cigarette is its re-usability. That’s why the smokers are taking an interest in e-cigarette rather than the conventional one. But you need to keep the atomizer clean to reuse it for at least ten times before you throw it into the bin. It is not a big task if you want to clean it. Here is how you can perform the cleaning task that will not take much of your time.

Method #1: Use Water + Vinegar Solution for Cleaning

Vinegar Solution

You can use water for this purpose because it is a natural solvent.

  • Put a few drops of white vinegar into a cup of water. Make sure you are using hot water. It should not be too cold.
  • Now put the atomizer of e-cigarette in it and let it be there for about ten minutes.
  • Now you will see the atomizer will be spotless. My 6 months old E-cigarette that I got from trusted shop just got brand new again after cleaning with water and vinegar, probably this is the best method to clean and electronic cigarette.

Method #2: Use Coca-cola for Cleaning


Coca-Cola is not only a tasty drink but also a fantastic cleaner. You can use it for cleaning your e-cigarette.

  • Put the atomizer in a glass and pour coca-cola.
  • Let it be there for a full day (24 hours at least).
  • Now wash it with the fresh water. You see! Atomizer is super clean.

Method #3: Normal Cleaning Process

  • You need to unscrew the lower part of the tank and wash its inner part with hot water. Make sure that you are not cleaning the wick or the heating area. It should be dry.
  • Now use tissue paper or a soft cloth to make the tank dry. If a soft tissue is not available, put the tank into the open air to make it dry naturally. If you are using the cloth to wiping the surface and internal part of the liquid reservoir, you should not touch the wick or heating area.
  • If you do not dry it softly, it will start leaking in your mouth. So, be careful while drying it. Once it is cleaned, just screw the lower part of the e-cigarette.

Method #4: Use Ethyl Alcohol for Cleaning

Ethyl Alcohol

Another great natural solvent except water is ethyl alcohol. You can use this solvent to clean the atomizer.

  • Just pour a few drops of ethyl alcohol in the atomizer.
  • Screw the bottom part tightly and shake it well for a few minutes.
  • Now wait for a while and then shake it again for a couple of minutes. It will not only finish the smell, but also the residuals will be finished.
  • Now remove the bottom part and drain ethyl alcohol and put atomizer on a clean surface for 24 hours.
  • The next day clean it with fresh water. You will feel new and fresh taste every time you do cleaning.


Regular Cleaning Tips:

  • You should wipe the internal area of the battery daily without charging it because it will add more life to the battery.
  • While it is too hot inside the car, you should avoid leaving the e-cigarette in it. The extreme weather can expand the juice and thus, the liquid tank will start leaking.