7 Best Games Like The Sims for Android

The Sims game provides you with the best virtual world where you select the outstanding personalities and move ahead with them according to your own way. You perform different activities such as renovate the house, interact with other playmates and go on the dates to enjoy your life. When you play The Sims, you remain in the same ecstasy for a longer time and want to play this kind of more games to feel the same charm. Well! I have some more games for you to give you The Sims like pleasant feelings. Do play them and enjoy your time. Here they are.

Fallout Shelter

It has been launched in 2015 and can be considered the best alternative of The Sims as a fun game. You have to construct a fallout shelter, and then the people would dwell in it. All of them have to perform multiple tasks otherwise, the vault would not go ahead. The dwellers interact with one another and the primary purpose of everyone is to construct the perfect vault. So, they have to explore the alien world and work had to convert that wasteland into a beautiful community where they can live. It gives you immense pleasure while you and your friends assume these roles.

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 Jurassic World: The Game

If you are looking for a perfect combination of reality and fantasy, you would love playing Jurassic World: The Game. It keeps you busy all the time in building your personal Jurassic Park where you have to keep more than 100 types of dinosaur. These dinosaurs will compete with the players. It is a free game. Since you have to populate dinosaurs that are strong and powerful creatures, you need a high level of tolerance to fill them in your Jurassic Park.

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SimCity BuildIt

This game can be called the carbon copy of The Sims because you enjoy the same fun and pleasure in this game as you could get in playing The Sims. You have to build towns with the help of other characters. You assume the role of a creator and solve different problems related to the fire and mobility of vehicles and the pollution that is destroying the clean atmosphere of your towns. You adopt wise strategies to deal with these problems, and you have to act according to the expectations of the people. So, have a lot of fun by building a friendly social community surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere. It is available on Google Play for Android devices.

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