Cosa Air Conditioner Package Review

"The Internet of objects" is a topic that excites us every time we hear it, but when we look at it day by day, we can not say that we still have intelligent equipment at many levels. When we list the reasons for this, the prevalence of the products, the availability in terms of price, and sometimes the necessity are in the forefront. Especially on those hot days, does not everyone want to wait for a cool environment when they go home or work? But it is the place where there is no intelligent air conditioner yet so that the temperature of the environment can be opened automatically after 30 degrees. And even if it does, removing your existing air conditioner and getting a new air conditioner is literally absurd. Fortunately, this time you have an option that will give you the "product I'm looking for."

Cosa Air Conditioner Package Review

The Cosa Air Conditioning Package that we will talk about throughout the year is a product that deserves more than these lines. Simply put, it turns your airplane into a smart one by managing it through remote control functions. For example; You can program your air conditioner to work every morning / close every evening. When you cool down the environment at a moderate level, you can remotely adjust the temperature by connecting to Cosa, or you can restart the air conditioner when the ambient temperature drops below the level you specify. You need only 5-10 minutes to start using the Cosa Air Conditioning Package when you have energy savings of up to 40%.

Besides the computer, the Cosa Air Conditioning Package, which can be used on all devices with Android and iOS operating systems, can be operated with all remote controlled air conditioners. There is no chance that you will not have your airline on the supported brand list. We are taking steps to set up with a smartphone with Android. In the first place you have a short form that you need to fill out and a membership contract that you need to confirm.

Your home address is being asked at the end of the installation steps. You do not have to enter the address here one by one. Your address is determined based on the GPS data. You can easily follow this step too. You can also define secondary addresses such as JOB if you are using more than one Cosa Air Conditioning Package

Cosa Air Conditioner package is a product developed and produced entirely in Turkey. The software interface also has a perfect Turkish language. The Cosa Air Conditioning package is included in your wireless network and is getting connected to the internet. So even if you are away from the environment, you can easily manage Cosa Air Conditioning Package from the device you are installing. In addition, it is possible for the users who are outside your own authority to check the Cosa Air Conditioning Package

You need to connect Cosa's wireless network once to complete the setup. Then the first thing to do is to enter the AIR CONDITIONER and add a new air conditioner. You will see that the Cosa Air Conditioning Package senses the ambient temperature when you start examining the bar.

When you come to the AIR CONDITIONING SETS in Cosa Air Conditioning Package, you need to make progress by choosing the brand. The Cosa Air Conditioning Packet will send a signal to your air conditioner to ask you if your air conditioner is switched on. You can exit the screen by confirming when the correct signal is found. You now have the Cosa Air Conditioning Package also prepare other signals to control many features via the on / off signal. Fan speed, temperature, operating mode, etc. Many controls can now also be performed outside the house

Let's take the first measurement with the Cosa Air Conditioning Package. The temperature we are in now is 27.7 degrees. The outdoor temperature at that moment should be 24.4 degrees compared to the meteorological data. The Cosa Air Conditioning Package gives you the opportunity to examine the outdoor temperature, even day and night day and night temperatures. You can choose from several modes such as on-screen heating, cooling, dehumidification and fan that meet you. In addition, you can also perform controls such as switching on / off, fan speed adjustment and temperature level. In short, you do not need the control of your air conditioner from now on.

The shutdown timer is a feature that often comes up in the air, but you can think of it like on TV. In other words, "30 minutes after closing" commands can be given in almost every climate. The advantage of the Cosa Air Conditioning Package is that, for example, Can be programmed to be open at 08.00 in the morning or closed at 18:00 in the evening. So your office can meet you coolly, and when you leave, the question "do I close the air conditioner?" Is unbearable.

It is also possible to report and examine the Cosa Air Conditioning Package. Extremely useful feature. If you have a direct sunshine environment, you can see how well you produce a profile that is effective at the time of day. You may also need to make new arrangements based on seasonal temperature increases.

Cosa Klima Paket has a price of 249 TL. In the air conditioning purchasing phase, you can count all these features and make sure that you have a "smart air conditioner", which is much more than your pocket. The installation is very simple, the most important thing to do is to put the Cosa Air Conditioning Pack in a place where you can see the air conditioner.