ESCAM G02 720p WIFI IP Camera

There are many IP cameras in the market, and they are primarily used for security purposes. It is possible to watch the carer at home, to follow the entrance of the room while you are away, to view the gala in the night garage, and so on. Most of them have standard network connection and Wi-Fi in new ones. In the upper models we can see motorized motion support and waterproofing. We can say that the ESCAM G02 model that GearBest sent for review is better than we expected.

Seriously, there was a big box match. This product, which comes in 5 to 6 weeks in the mail, is simple and has a 1 MP receiver out of the brand model.

When you open the box, you will first get a Chinese / English guide explaining the installation. We could do the installation in English without any problems.

The folding foot which can be used for wall mounting is included and the special dowel screw is attached to it. In addition there is a needle for reset

USB adapter can be used to power up the box. The 130 mm long microUSB power cable is white as well as the product and adapter. When we connected it to the PC, it worked fine because the power consumption does not exceed 600mA current ie 3 Watt.

The size of 135 x 110 x 145 mm and 275 grams of ESCAM G02 we expect is no bigger than a hidden camera. The 802.11n Wi-Fi connection with dual giant antennas works as smooth as 10 meters. We did not try the limit but did not have any problems. In front, the microphone is in the back, the speaker in the back is loose, so double-streaming audio is supported.

There is a classic tripod hole at the base and the wall mounting kit from the box is fixed to it. Except for the ventilation holes, the standard username and password are displayed on the barcode to download from the mobile applications site. Users of CamHi can download it for free using Android 4.0, iOS 6.0 and above.

The back of the device has a reset hole, 100 Mbps network connection, microSD card slot up to 128 GB, microUSB power input. The card is ready to be formatted and ready for taking pictures and videos.

There is a 1 MP 1/4 inch CMOS receiver behind the 62 degree lens on the front. Also, when the LDR light in the upper eye is found to be low, it turns on 10 infrared LEDs to night mode and the image becomes black and white. Night vision is 8 meters. It can turn 355 degrees horizontally and 120 degrees vertically.

Installation by phone is very easy. Give power to the camera and wait 30 seconds. He will check his engines and give a beep to wait. In mobile app, click on top camera attachment and select Wi-Fi setup in the next step. Once you choose the name of your Wi-Fi hotspot and enter your password, it will start giving a tone to the device to teach it to the device. When you turn on the phone and get closer to G02, you will hear it and your Wi-Fi network will connect and the name will appear in the application of your phone.

Click on the camera name to see the image. The image is extremely clear because it is at 1280 x 720 pixels. There are left to right image mirroring / rotation, zooming, positioning / calling, close, sound / send, take photo, video capture, change quality. The position system is good and the position can be memorized up to it. You can connect and view even over 4G, you can get sound because it directs your mobile application after sending the content through the P2P system to the company server.

Camera settings are easy to access and there are many options. When you see motion, exciting, time-lapse recording, software updates are engaging. The alarm status can be reported via e-mail or FTP. ESCAM G02 is a very fast and good image. This is possible with the GOKE HD GK7102 controller and 512 MB DDR2 memory. At the same time, it extracts H.264 compressed 720p @ 25 videos and provides support for storing as MP4.

You can also connect to the ONVIF 2.4 device with other devices over the network. First, we installed the scanning application at the company site. He showed you which IP you have on the network, and when you enter Chrome, you are logged in by entering your username and password. The image is very clear as in the mobilda. The settings are similarly detailed. Dual streaming is supported, the brightness or mode of the infrared receiver can be changed. Dynamic DNS and new users can be added. DDNS is not necessary because there is P2P but you can choose this if you want.

During our review we were able to buy a shocking fiyata from GearBest site for only $ 19.99, which is hard to find. The technology has really progressed and it has become a feature of this fiyata.