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From Toshiba to Entry Level OCZ TR200 SSD Series

Toshiba announces its latest SSD series at OCJ TR200 during ChinaJoy digital entertainment event in China. The feature of the TR200 is that it is the SSD series using Toshiba's first BiCS FLASH. Toshiba's recent generation of 3D NAND memories, as is known, is further reducing storage prices by 64-layer and 3-bit TLC per cell. The SanDisk Ultra 3D and WD Blue 3D series had a similar transition, and the performances were better than expected. The entry-level TR200 does not have a performance rating and is aiming to offer high storage space cheaply, but it is expected to be faster than DRAM-free SSDs.
It is obvious that the OCZ has placed the TR200 series at the lowest level. It was formerly the TR150 (Triton 150) that undertook this task. The new sereed capacity options will be 240, 480 and 960 GB! 2.5 inch serially sequential read with SATA 6.0 Gbps connection can be 550 MB / s and sequential write 525 MB / s. Random write performance is 87K IOPS and read performance is 80K IOPS. It is interesting that it is higher in school. Power consumption is expected to be low. It will be on display at GamesCom at the end of August. Prices are not explained.


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