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Ticket to Earth Now on Steam

Ticket to Earth, a quarterly tactical and RPG game that iOS users liked for months, has dragged Android and PC users into a curious wait. Eventually, the expected moment came and Ticket to Earth PC / Mac version was released for sale via Steam.

The game, which will be available for sale on June 29, 2017, is about events happening on a neighboring planet in the near future. The board based on the strategy is accompanied by a fascinating science fiction story. This game, which has received positive reviews from iOS users so far, will now be possible to play with the keyboard / mouse besides the touch screen.

The game with solved puzzles will be presented primarily with the first part "Uprising", followed by a total of four sections with the sections to continue. The second part "Crash" is said to be ready soon. The Steam version, which is available as a Deluxe version, includes improved visuals, lighting, new controls, multi-play recording compared to iOS drag.


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