60 million emojis are used daily on Facebook


A little lightness in this holiday season with a 'sympathetic' computer graphics published by Facebook about the use of emojis. The social network has studied the behavior of its users and reveals two major figures. The first: 60 million emojis are used on a daily basis on the platform. The second: 5 billion emojis are sent via Messenger.

Beyond the figures, we note that globally the emoji that weeps with joy was the most used during A month ago, followed by the smiley with eyes in the shape of a heart, then on the third step the 'kiss' always with a small heart.

But from one country to another, Trends. In France, the wink is the most used on Facebook, while the heart crossed by an arrow is the emoji most sent on Messenger. Here is the complete computer graphic of Facebook:

D es social networks on the big screen, is only a step. Everyone will be able to make an opinion on the thing when the time comes, but the movie The Emoji Movie will be released on October 18.