A drone delivers a package to a prison in the Drome

Prohibited products were delivered to prisoners by a drone. The Prison Administration of Valencia conducts the investigation to find the sender.

It was enough to think about it. Last Tuesday, at 3 pm, he crossed the precincts of the prison of Valencia to deliver prohibited products to prisoners. He was intercepted and handed over to the police, but will not finish his days behind bars, for the simple reason that it is a drone, piloted from the outside. According to the chosen model, no need to be near the prison, these small toys can be piloted to 2 and 7 kilometers of distance. What to ensure its rear.

Now in the hands of the police authorities, the drone will be inspected to find the shipper of the parcel thanks to the videos taken by the camera on board the craft during the flight. A camera that certainly allowed the pilot to avoid the anti-helicopter nets that squared the prison walk.

As for the parcel, it was carefully concealed by one or more detainees. The time of delivery was not chosen at random, it is the schedule where most of the detainees are outside, the supervisors found nothing when they intervened on the spot. Despite the excavations, the contents of the package have not been found, reports France Bleu.

Until now, the prison administration has been dealing with launchers, relatives or the family of an inmate who were trying to send objects or products by throwing them over the fences and walls of the prison. Penitentiary center. It is a completely different type of supplier to which it will now have to tackle.