A pornographic site dreams of producing season 3 of Sense8

Why not me? This is the question that the adult site xHamster has asked. Its leaders have just proposed to the sisters Wachowski to produce their series Sense8 .

The science fiction series Sense8 has not said its last word. While Lana Wachoswki has just announced to have started the writing of season 3, another news for the less surprising comes to feed the rumors about her future and she comes from a pornographic site. After hearing the co-creator's message, Alex Hawkins, XHamster's vice president took the opportunity to send a letter to Lana and Lilly Wachowski suggesting that they resume the series (guaranteed link without pornographic content). An unexpected opportunity for Sense8 while Netflix quickly put an end to the show despite its success.

An absurd idea?

If the proposal can be laughable, the arguments in favor of x Hamster are not lacking and the site manager wants to be reassuring: " We know that it is not conventional, but we would like the Sense8 ] bring back – to xHamster. We are not talking about a parody […] but a real resume of the series. Since we learned of his cancellation, we are wondering if there is anything we could do . "

More visitors than the New York Times

In his letter, Hawkins goes even further: " xHamster is currently one of the most visited websites. We have more daily visitors than the New York Times ESPN or the Daily Mail . In addition to the public and the means, he goes on to argue that xHamster is not constrained in his subjects as is Netflix, especially on what affects sexuality. Besides, the site has always defended the rights of people about their sexuality, denounces US repressive laws against the LGBT community, and promotes sex education in schools.

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Remember Netflix

He concludes with boldness by recalling that: " 5 years ago, people laughed at Netflix's idea to produce original series. We believe that our time, like yours, has arrived ". A point for the xHamster house, which could thus end the roller coaster on the fate of Sense8 . And to improve its porn site image, necessarily a little glaucous, while making talk about him.