Advertising spending: trends to come on social networks


Social marketing continues to gain in power. By 2018, advertising spending on various social networks could increase by 63%. This is in any case what recently reported the 2017 report "The State of Paid Social" published by Hanapin Marketing. Although 72% of brands and advertisers spend less than 15% of their budget on social communication, the trend is on the rise with important changes for the coming months.

By querying nearly 164 advertisers and brands, Hanapin reports that Facebook and will remain the social network most used for advertising over the next twelve months. The Mark Zuckerberg site is also the platform where marketing professionals are most optimistic. If ranking is required: 93% of respondents say they are paying for Facebook, the second step goes to Instagram with 67%, then LinkedIn 57%, Twitter 51%, Pinterest 28%, without Forget about Snapchat at 19%

Regarding the future: 71% of professionals surveyed plan to increase their advertising spending on Facebook, 46% want to spend more on Instagram, 39% on LinkedIn, 21 % On Twitter and on Pinterest, 15% on Snapchat. We also note that Twitter is losing ground with 21% of respondents who plan to reduce their advertising spending on the social network.

Than to wait a few months to verify whether these forecasts were correct. With 73% of advertisers spending part of their advertising budget on social networks (15%), it would be interesting to see if this share of their budget is also increasing. To be continued!