Automate your doors and gates safely [sponso]

The motorization of the doors and gates of the dwelling brings real comfort to its occupants. Provided you choose reliable solutions that, in addition to being simple to implement and use, guarantee optimum safety. ]

How can I be sure that the radio signal from my portal is not hijacked?

The radio remote control is the simplest and most common way to drive a motorized gate or garage door. Unfortunately, this system, while very practical, may be vulnerable. Indeed, the radio signal which passes between the remote control and the receiver which controls the motorization can be intercepted and duplicated by a criminal who can then freely enter the dwelling if it is not sufficiently secured. If he is not afraid of being disturbed, the latter may also attempt a piracy by testing all possible combinations (brute force attack). With the BiSecur system developed by Hörmann, for example, the radio link is protected by 128-bit encryption, the same as that used for Internet banking, making it extremely difficult to hack.

How do I know if the door is locked?

As we have seen, the radio remote control is the indispensable accessory for opening and closing the motorized doors. But sometimes, these are not visible from the house and in case of doubt, then you have to go out to check. However, it is possible to find remote controls that provide information on the status of the door or gate, even when they are not within sight. At the touch of a button, a colored LED indicates whether they are open or closed, and of course they can be maneuvered remotely.

How can I remotely control the system?

Until recently, it was necessary to be near the door so that the radio signal of the remote control is perceived by the receiver. From now on, piloting can take place anywhere in the world! Some systems include a free application compatible with IOS and Android that turns the smartphone or tablet into a (very) smart remote. Used from home, it relies on a housing that communicates with the WiFi network of the home. And when you are away from home, the application communicates with this same case via the Internet.

Can I allow a third party to use the application?

Yes, the most recent applications allow multiple users to use them simultaneously. But above all, you can set the rights of each of them. Thus, the gardener will be able to open the gate, but not the garage door, and only the days or hours of planned passages. Each manipulation can be memorized, allowing the administrator to control who is entering and leaving the home. Most applications also allow the creation of operating scenarios, which provide undeniable comfort and time savings. Thus, it is possible to control the simultaneous opening of the door and the gate, or to schedule their start-up at one hour, or a given period.