[Dragon Ball Super] A new form of Super Saiyan for His Gokû unveiled

Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue and finally Super Saiyan …? On August 21, the new issue of V-Jump magazine will unveil a preview of the new shape that Son Gokû will master in the Dragon Ball Super series. It is in the current arch, named "The Survival of the Universe", that we can discover the new look of this dear Kakarotto.

A few days ago, a first image revealed a sound Gokû of back, muscles forward and clothes of the top plucked. The message ? "The legendary Super Saiyan is back"

A nasty Goku?

If the information was meager, it was without counting on the last revelations made in the next issue of V-Jump already leaké in Japan (attention, the following may contain any spoils). One can thus see a Goku in a form that seems normal (his hair does not change color), with nevertheless some changes.

First of all, her eyes are surprisingly silvery while the aura around her is very blue, like to recall the Super Saiyan Blue. Entirely chara-designed by Toriyama himself, this new form could therefore be superior to that of Blue. Unless it is an alternative found and mastered by Goku.

Below this drawing of the hero of Dragon Ball Super, a small sentence is present: "His eyes glow with a silver glow and we cast a dark look !! " Theories are quite numerous to see the day for a few hours. Although it seems sensible to think that this new form will appear in the duel between Goku and Jiren (if you are wondering what we are talking about, go to our recent file), some think it is there Of a rather substantial change in the very nature of the Saiyan.

And if Son Goku, by dint of seeking to exceed his limits, ended by seeing the dark side of his origins take over? What if Kakarotto became bad? This is at least one of the leading theories since the appearance of this new form. You are left with your opinions.