[Test] Uncharted – The Lost Legacy: a farewell in apotheosis for the saga?

May 10, 2016 marked the end of an era. Nathan Drake, hero stamped Sony, lived his last adventures in a fourth episode expected of long-term. Honored by critics from around the world, the game, which had inherited a pretty 8.5 with us, marked the last step of a series of video games that has sold many PlayStation across the planet. Uncharted, since that's his name, was gone. Until we were told, almost a year ago, that there was an additional chapter in the form of a paying DLC.

Fifteen months later, this is not a simple add-on that comes on our PS4, but a stand-alone that allows us to embody a certain Chloé Frazer, former teammate of Nathan. While we could expect a "little plus" well deserved, it is finally a new adventure that is offered to us, as if Naughty Dog did not want to give up one of the babies that made his fame. And then, true new game or simple overloaded DLC?

New adventure, new duo

To quickly answer one of the questions that chokes your convoluted mind, no, Nathan Drake is no longer at all about the journey. The Lost Legacy, which takes place after the fourth episode, has the ingenious idea of ​​starring two women who have played only the second roles until now. Thus, Chloé Frazer, the crew of this good old Nath, but also conquest, finds himself in front of the stage. In her adventure, she is accompanied by Nadine Ross, secondary antagonist of Uncharted 4. This duo will have to stick together for the sole purpose of finding the broken defense of Ganesh in India. It is in this sublime country that our adventure begins, while Chloe, who must join Nadine, tries to escape the armed militia of the country and the conflict that opposes the rebels

Chloe and Nadine mark the spirits

Uncharted obliges, you find yourself quickly in the mess. Chloe and Nadine, who have decided to work together by force of circumstances, are already trying to get as much information as possible on this famous defense of Ganesh. The object, sought after for centuries and worth a small fortune, has a very close connection with Chloé which has made it its priority for years. Nadine is here only to win the bet and try to clean up the affront that was hers in Uncharted 4.

The Lost Legacy was born from this premise. If we are not facing the scenario of the year, nothing is alarming, especially when we know the series and its twists and turns. We begin the title calmly, learning to know more about the characters stars of this episode while trying to master, again, the mechanics of play proper to the saga. It does not take much time before all our memories give way to a quasi-total control of our heroine and that we manage, with a certain ease, each of his movements. In this, the first three chapters of the game introduce the events that will unfold before our eyes. One meets the great enemy of the game, Asav, leader of the rebel forces in India. And that's after The Lost Legacy gains interest.

Lost in the beauty of the world

It is in a lost part of India, in the middle of a lush forest and impressive mountains that our two heroines go with the firm intention to find this famous broken defense of Ganesh. Faced with a large playground, the biggest ever created for an episode of the series, several goals will stand before you. You will have to make an overall locating, avoid as much as possible the enemies or to finish with them and, of course, to solve the many enigmas of this unique place. Let us note that an additional objective, rather important, will quickly add to your adventure. In fact, it will be a question of finding medallions on the whole map that will ultimately have a real interest, especially for aspiring treasure hunters.

This fourth chapter is also one of the longest proposed series. And he crosses himself with a certain enthusiasm. Thereafter, and until the end of the adventure, we find gameplay much closer to the old episodes, with long corridors to cross, waves of enemies to kill and some puzzles, more or less arduous, To be resolved.