The Punisher: a first teaser before its arrival on Netflix at the end of 2017

Once again, Netflix had the sympathetic idea of ​​rewarding its fastest users by proposing a teaser at the end of one of its Marvel series. The Punisher that hides at the end of the 8 episodes of season 1 of The Defenders available Since today on the platform of SVoD (and which our critic should arrive in early next week).

A series on the past of Frank Castle

Introduced in season 2 of Daredevil Frank Castle aka The Punisher will have here his own series which should normally be interested in its beginnings and the reasons for its transformation. The show looks particularly bleak, the opposite would have been surprising knowing the character, his methods and his character. Steve Lightfoot ( Hannibal ) is on the levers.

Daredevil and former analyst of the film Theater of the Dark will be Micro, a character teased in NSA friend of the Punisher who helps him in his mission by providing him with material. Still on the side of the new faces will come Amber Rose ( Indian Summers ) who will be Dinah Madani, a Homeland Security agent who has a tooth against our anti-hero. Finally, Ben Barnes ( The Chronicles of Narnia ) will be Billy Russo aka Jigsaw. Former best friend of Frank Castle in the Marines and now patron of a private military company christened Anvil, he will obviously be the main antagonist. Daredevil will also be on the party (maybe at the beginning to listen to Frank Castle telling his story?).

The Punisher is expected to arrive on Netflix by the end of the year (the rumor is about November) and will be in our new series guide to start appearing early next week.

The Punisher – Teaser

Credits Photos: Netflix