Yakuza 6: European release in March 2018 and premium edition

With the opus The Song of Life of the license Yakuza the players will live the last adventure of Kazuma Kiryu. Released after 3 years, the old-fashioned gangster searches for his adopted daughter, Haruka, who has been reported missing at the orphanage he is attending. Back in Kamurocho, he will discover that she was knocked down by a truck and that she is now in a coma … Kiryu will learn at the same time that Haruka now has a son to take care of.

With now a baby on his arms, the famous Kiryum Kiryu will have to play the detective to learn more about the famous yakuzas of Hiroshima as well as Haruka and his son. The latter opus with Kazuma is the most advanced Yakuza in terms of technology, notably thanks to the Dragon Engin. Finally, for the first time in the history of the franchise of Sega, the entire dialogue was doubled in Japanese with some famous actors in the Japanese cinematographic scene.

The contents of the premium edition "After Hours" by Yakuza 6

  • An artbook with hardcover: The intense and deeply human world of Yakuza 6 will be depicted in this book of illustrations.
  • Two glasses (280 mL): these two glasses decorated with the dragon tattoo of Kiryu will become the favorite receptacles of your favorite drinks
  • Two ice cube molds: Refresh your drinks with a pair of ice cubes inspired by the game
  • Two coaster: A true yakuza knows how to relax elegantly after a long day of work
  • A case: All the essential objects of this edition will be delivered in a collector box

If you do not want to spend 89.99 euros for this premium edition, there is also the limited edition of 59.99 euros. This one proposes the game as well as an artbook which should be substantially the same as that present in the premium edition "After Hours"

Credits Photos: Sega