A first trailer for the anthology series on Philip K. Dick with Bryan Cranston

Eagerly awaited, Philip K. Dick Electric Dreams, the anthology series from the works of one of the masters of science fiction and produced by Bryan Cranston, finally wore a first trailer.

Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams

If you like science fiction, you've certainly swallowed pages of novels written by Philip K. Dick, or at least seen their movie adaptation: Blade Runner Planet Hurlante [19459109][19459109][19459109][19459109] The Master of the High Castle ? That's it! For this new series soon broadcast on Channel 4, it is not one of the novels of the American author, died in 1982 in California, still not adapted that will be seen on the screen, but several of its new In an anthology of 10 episodes, Philip K. Dick Electric Dreams .

The first trailer has just been unveiled, and it seems as strange and anguishing as his works.

An anthology in 10 episodes

Several worlds are represented, some more anchored in our reality than others, but the whole promises to explore many themes dear to the genre: alternative world, robot, extraterrestrials, etc. In this first images, we can see the excellent Steve Buscemi (19459009), Terry Howard (19459009), Anna Paquin ( True Blood, X-Men (19459010)]or Timothy Spall ([19459109] Mr Turner, The Trial of the Century )

Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams logically thinks of his older sister of Channel 4, at Netflix since season 3, Black Mirror . Amazon on its side hosts another adaptation of Philip K Dick, The Man in the High Castle in which Nazi Germany won the Second World War.

Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams is produced by Sony Pictures and Bryan Cranston, which can also be seen in the trailer. It will be broadcast in the United States on Amazon Video, unlike its trailer unveiled on the service of streaming Australian Stan.

No outputs have been released yet.