Martin Scorsese is working on the production of a film about the origins of the Joker

If the latest Joker has not completely convinced the critics, this news has something to rejoice the amateurs of the sworn enemy of Batman.

The Joker is not just an antagonist in the universe of DC. In addition to being a character particularly appreciated by the fans, it has permanently marked the spectators in its various cinematographic appearances. Incarnated by excellent actors such as Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger, he sometimes even stole the star in Batman.

Yet the origins of this famous character are diverse and rather blurred, although the comics The Killing Joke is considered one of the main interpretations. Warner Bros had therefore the idea to look at the latter and devote a whole film to it. Martin Scorsese in person would have even decided to produce it, which has enough to attract the attention of cinema lovers. Very Bad Trip but also and especially of the screenwriter Scott Silver, who distinguished himself in the very good The Fighter .

Martin Scorsese / Credits: Siebbi / Wikipedia

The project will not include Jared Leto who incarnated the prince of crime in the last Suicide Squad (our critic). The film is described as much more black than the latter, which played cheerfully on a fun side too. Is this a sign of abandonment for DC, who had recently been more likely to ogle over the more childish style of Marvel movies?

The film could therefore represent a change of strategy for the firm. It remains to be seen if this is the right one. Anyway, the names evoked reassure us a little.