Racheter Twitter and banish Donald Trump, here is the plan of a former agent of the CIA

She hopes to raise a billion dollars to buy out Twitter shares and exclude Donald Trump.

You may remember her, Valerie Plame Wilson is a former CIA agent whose story was adapted to the screen in the movie Fair Game . Naomi Watts interpreted this spy sacrificed on the altar of American propaganda to justify the outbreak of the second war of Iraq

Today, Valerie Plame has lost nothing of her anger and is once again attacking the US presidency: she launched a participatory fundraising campaign ( crowdfunding ) hoping to raise a billion Of dollars to buy enough share of Twitter and pressure its leaders to suspend the account of Donald Trump, his favorite medium.

1 billion and turn Twitter Trump

"Donald Trump did a lot of horrible things on Twitter. His tweets, which encourage white supremacists or call for violence against journalists, hurt this country and its people. But threatening North Korea with a nuclear war makes us take an additional, dangerous step. It's time to stop it, "she explains on the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe.

How does she intend to do this? " Twitter is a publicly traded company. Actions = power. This [campagne] will finance the purchase of a majority stake in Twitter "she says. The target is $ 1 billion. To say impossible mission. " But it is the price to pay to remove Trump from its powerful megaphone and avoid a horrible nuclear war ," insists Valerie Plame.

The threats of the billionaire towards North Korea are indeed fearing an escalation that would lead to the outbreak of a war that some fear.

A very contested use of Twitter

Donald Trump uses and abuses the platform to express himself, regularly putting his staff in embarrassment with declarations to the cookie cutter, but sometimes dangerous according to whom they are addressed. His statements on the margins of the violence in Charlottesville leading to the death of a 32-year-old anti-racist demonstrator raised controversy.

At the time of writing this article, Valerie Plame had raised $ 38,404.