[On a testé] The Airplane, the latest escape game hovering from The Game

Immediate embarkation for an escape game of the most immersive. Small caveat: this is not where you will treat your phobia from the plane. Its striking decor and ambience could make the intrepid who do not use air transport shudder.

And of seven! The Game has just added a new script to its collection. After the catacombs, the robbery of the casino or the Treasure of the Templars, it is the turn of the Airplane to complete the collection. We had the opportunity to enjoy a flight and were not disappointed.

Embarquement immédiateat

Patient calmly at the gate of embarkation, the few elements of scenery put us in the mood before even the count began. On the screen next to us, our flight to London is well indicated. The Game Airlines seems as well organized as the traditional companies. The on-board staff is very attentive with its passengers. Our boarding passes in hand, we pass the door to get on board the Airplane. After a quick glance in the cabin, we win our respective seats. Our game master become steward for the occasion comes to check that our belts are well tied before taking off before the recall of the safety instructions. Now our flight can begin …

But what is this alarm that sounds and why do the lights go out? You probably understood what happened next. The journey did not exactly go as planned and by following the riddles you will have to struggle to avoid the catastrophe.

A neat and finished decoration

The highlight of this escape game is obviously its decor. Designed partly from a genuine Airbus A320, still in operation a few months ago, we could not have dreamed better. Everything is there: the cabin with its seats, the luggage, passing by the places usually reserved for the staff of the board and the safety equipment. Only the view at high altitude to believe it.

Who says plane cabin obviously says promiscuity. The excitement of the highlights or the approach of the end of the time can give rise to some memorable encounters in the corridor. Be careful to respect the speed limits to avoid any traffic accident between you. As we progressed, we discovered with some pleasure a few winks to the universe of the plane (we will not say more). Beware, however, these may disrupt, or at least slow down, the investigation into whether or not they serve to solve a puzzle.

Without padlock, not without hassle

If this escape game has among its peculiarities, that of not being a succession of padlocks to open, it does not nevertheless easier to pierce. In terms of division of labor, reflection and manipulation are rather balanced and do not require any prior training. Ideal for those who are passionate about finding clues. The search in the plane, and more precisely the visual one, will dominate the players. Especially since there is ample room to hide all sorts of small details in the device. In order not to miss anything and risk missing a clue, we advise you to come awake. The puzzles are quite logical.

One of the complications, which we have already begun to point out, is that of determining which objects will advance in history. This point risks several times to waste valuable time to the team, so it will be necessary quickly to reflect and sort out those that stand out. The final element deserves to be noted, is the result of the decor. Since it is necessary to observe quickly the whole cabin, it will be necessary to remember these little things here and there, discovered early and which are discreet after a few minutes.

Successful examination for the Aircraft of The Game. Here is a room that promises moments rich in emotion. Immersive, captivating and timed, this new escape game sets the bar high and plunges players into the plot with flying colors. Unable to find the long flight time thanks to the journey truffled with twists and turns.

The Avion at The Game, 51 rue Cardinal Lemoine 75005, Paris.
Rates: 25 € / person for 5, 28 € / person for 4 and 32 € / person for 3 players.

PS: victim of its success, the room is quickly stormed, think to book well in advance to have the chance to choose a flight at the date that suits you.