The trailers should not be missed this week

This is the time of the traditional catch-up session of trailers for latecomers. Like every weekend, we return to the trailers that marked the geek week.

Philip K. Dick Electric Dreams

The series of anthology from the works of one of the masters of science fiction and produced by Bryan Cranston is dressed in a first trailer, as strange and agonizing as his works, noted Elodie at the beginning of week.

BoJack Horseman

A trailer with the approach of the 4th season, whose arrival is imminent on Netflix (September 8th).

Blade Runner 2049

First contact, Sicario ) is once again seen in a trailer. At five weeks of its release in the French cinemas, Blade Runner 2049 by Denis Villeneuve. Impossible to say whether the movie will be good, but photography question, one should not be disappointed.

Victor Crowley

The ax-killer, hero of the Butcher trilogy, will return in a fourth installment next October in American cinemas. Like the previous iterations, it is quite possible that this slasher with airs nanardesques only arrives in us in DVD and Blu-Ray. To be continued.

The making of episode 6 of season 7 of Game of Thrones

Attention spoilers! This new video that features behind-the-scenes from its flagship Game of Thrones series and which focuses on episode 6 of the current season can reveal elements of the plot.

Bonus: Hearthstone, the animated short

The talent of the video game studio Blizzard in terms of cinematics and animation is no longer to be proved. This short film for the card game Hearthstone unveiled in the middle of gamescom, is a perfect example.

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Video games

Our week was marked by the holding of the German trade fair dedicated to video games, gamescom, and of course, many and impressive trailers were put online for the occasion. If only a dozen were to be kept, those which should not be missed, have been collected in this subject.