A superb cartridge of Street Fighter II for the 30 years of the series (which we are nevertheless discouraged to use)

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Capcom's ultra popular fighting saga, the Japanese publisher Retrotainment Games and Jango Snow (designed) have created a Super Nintendo collector cartridge – valid – The second installment of the series, landed at the time on Super Nintendo in 1992.

Sold on the site iam8bit (the UK page is Sold Out but remains the US page) and limited to 5500 examples, this "reedition" will exist in two colors: Ryu (4500 copies), or a color green Glow-in-the-Dark Blanka (1000 copies). Unable to choose one or the other, the cartridges will be sent randomly. On the other hand, the price is the same since it will cost the interested 100 euros per cartridge. Last detail, the products will be shipped from next November.

Warning, Warning

But more than the collector side or class of this product, it is the warnings about the non-responsibility of the actors at the initiative of the project that have made speak Internets since this morning. At the bottom of the page is a long disclaimer where iam8bit explains that this reproduction can heat the console or even make it catch fire, and can not be held responsible for the damage suffered by your Hardware (not Capcom, nor Nintendo, for that matter). The manufacturer even advises to have a fire extinguisher not far away at the time of playing.

We looked around to find out if it was a bad joke, but apparently, no.

Let us imagine rather this limited edition as an object of collection that we prefer to put under showcase than in our old consoles. (19459005) Street Super Fighter II Super Nintendo Super Fighter II Super Nintendo will soon be able to play with the Super NES Mini , To be quite precise), which we took besides last weekend.