YouTube-MP3 closes under pressure from labels

The platform used to convert YouTube videos to mp3 audio files. Pursued by the record companies, the site preferred to put the key under the door.

According to Torrent Freak, a definitive agreement was found between Youtube-mp3 and a grouping of labels including UMG, Sony Music and Warner Bros.

The document, which still awaits the signature of the judge, provides for a decision in favor of the labels on all counts. Site owner Philip Matesanz has agreed to pay a confidential settlement fee and transfer the domain name "" to one of the record companies.

Like the Pirate Bay or T411, the site was very popular with Internet users. It allowed, in just a few minutes, to convert YouTube videos to mp3 simply by submitting its URL. What to irritate labels and other rights holders.

40% of the illegal copies in the world


RIAA (), an inter-professional association advocating the interests of the record industry in the United States, considered youtube-mp3 as "the most important audio extraction site to the world. "

A complaint of copyright infringement was filed in a California federal court last year. According to the complainants, the site is responsible for " more than 40% " illegal audio extractions in the world. According to a study by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) in 2016, audio extraction is one of the most important forms of piracy facing the record industry: almost half of 16-24 year olds used the site

304 songs were listed in the complaint, the plaintiffs respectively claimed $ 150,000 in damages and interest for each characterized copyright infringement. With millions of visitors per day on the site, labels ensured that " tens or even hundreds of millions of tracks are illegally duplicated and distributed by mining and streaming services each month."