"The Farm of the Animals": The novel by George Orwell soon adapted in video game

After inspiring literature and cinema, George Orwell is now interested in video game developers. And one of his major works will be honored this time.

Instigator of the dystopian genre with the famous 1984, George Orwell never ceased to fascinate the fans of science fiction and political satyr. If a majority of high school students have confronted this work, many have also discovered La Ferme des Animaux .

This brilliant novel depicts farm animals which, after having driven out the men and taken the power, decides to establish their own regime. An undisguised criticism of the Soviet regime, and more generally of all totalitarianisms, the book is recognized as a masterpiece of the genre still today.

The Witcher 3 or Everybody's Gone to the Rapture A team of veteran developer, come games like Fable succeeded in obtaining the agreement of the rights holders of the author to make a game.

It should be a management game with a strong narrative aspect. You will incarnate an animal before the revolution and your choices will decide your fate and your evolution in the hierarchy of the farm. Irme Jele, one of the developers, seems in any case to have understood the meaning of the novel as he explains it to Engadget.

"Our history and our game mechanics will be based on our collective desire for freedom, often hampered by the absolutely corruptive effect of individual power. […] For the last few decades, we have heard speeches from our governments that are strangely similar to the oppressive regimes of the past. "

The project is still in its infancy, but Jele says he has been thinking about it for decades, when he grew up in a communist regime. We can not wait to find out more.