It is now almost a year ago that there was a big complaint regarding the hotline of the mobile service provider O2. Long waiting times, unattainability. At that time, the network was blended with E-Plus, but the customer was also blamed for a little bit of guilt. Improvement was nevertheless praised, 30 per cent increase in the hotline staff and other measures should be directed. Do they have that too? The Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) does not think much more.

A copy of the President of the Federal Network Agency, Jochen Homann, is presented to the Handelsblatt newspaper to Nicole Maisch, the consumer policy spokesperson for the Green Bundestag Fraction. From this it is clear that O2 has changed little, there are still long waiting times at the hotline or this is not available for the customer. Legally, this is not a problem, a vendor is not required to meet certain requirements regarding a service hotline.

Nevertheless, the Federal Network Agency worked on O2, in the interest of the waiting customer. Whether this brings something, remains to be seen. This is probably also the reason why the Commissioner is open to the issue of additional regulation in this area. To examine a legislative need for action in the area of ​​the accessibility of hotlines, Mr. Homann supports

Green politician Maisch also sees the need for action if customers are simply left in the rain after conclusion of the contract. Non-reachability or long waiting times are not acceptable for them. Telefónica, on the other hand, states that the situation has already improved, but it is still not where you should go, even though you are at market level. Telefónica does not see the need for additional regulation.

What is the situation among the O2 customers among our readers? Has something improved since October 2016 or is it still bad? And do you depend on the availability of a hotline to your chosen provider? Or does it matter what you get for the least possible money in your contract?