Anki Cozmo: First look at the smart robotic pal (with video)

Since today, there are new toys on the market. Come from Anki and call herself Cozmo. Anki certainly know many of you, because they are behind the racecourse of the future, Anki Overdrive. So now Cozmo, a small robot that inevitably brings up the memory of Wall-E. The little guy is not big, can be parked almost on the display of a smartphone.

If you just want to break it, then Cozmo is a kind of new Tamagotchi or a Furby, only with much better possibilities. Cozmo can be taught, Cozmo learns himself and Cozmo can be programmed. In the US, the small, sympathetic robot has been around for a while and I was able to get a first picture.

Cosmo has been delivered with three cubes, cubes, which serve among other things to deal with Cozmo. Cozmo itself is personalized, he learns the faces on request and can thus recognize every user and even pets. Cozmo has basic needs, who gets the small comrade, so should look so that a family member may spend a few minutes with him from time to time – regularly.

Cozmo wants something to eat and he wants to play – and also tuning has to be done. Various games are available in various difficulty levels. This can be tapping the cubes at the same color – alternatively there is a game where Cozmo will try to hit a cube before you pull it away.

Gives a whole pile of these (color) games and they also make fun after several repetitions. Difficulty? Are there, so you may have a corner harder against Cozmo than your child.

The extended arm of Cozmo is the app. Here you can see names and faces of the family, here the user can see what Cozmo just wants. In my case he liked to play with me and laughed a lot. The makers have given Cozmo really nice faces and a nice voice, which looks a bit like in comics or in the Wall-E mentioned. You just have to have Cozmo.

But the always same games are perhaps not everyone's thing and so you can also use Cozmo to train yourself or the kiddies. Here you can enter the Code Lab and teach Cozmo things. For example, what exactly is to be done – or what conditions must be fulfilled to do something. The whole is graphically prepared and can be done by drag & drop. Programming for beginners

It's fast and easy to try and try it out. The first steps are the same: move from A to B, look around and do this or that when you see a friendly face. The example would almost be the lower end of the ladder, there are probably no limits to the top.

Anki is currently drumming hard for the vertical variant of the visual scratching programming language. Here you should even be able to program your own games and patterns of behavior.

Personally, I believe that this shaping of the processes with users for the long-term motivation might be good. Although it is nice to always keep new games free and to wait for updates with content, but technically inspired explorers prefer to go on tour themselves. This tour is about 90 minutes long per battery charge. After that, Cozmo has to go back to the station for a quarter of an hour.

The fun is not very cheap. If you want to bring a Cozmo into the house, it is with 230 euros. The website is a must for anyone interested in the whole of the functions. Cozmo is also the loading station and the mentioned cubes, three in number.

My first impression of Cozmo without much Blabla? Because he is so small, he is already surprising. It's fun to deal with Cozmo. Nevertheless, without a smartphone, it is useless. He also does not accept voice commands, which is of course somewhat obsolete in current times. And in the face of the price, you have to wonder if you see the solution for long-term motivation in Code Lab