In California, cannabis delivery drones are over

As early as 1996, the State of California introduced medical marijuana and became a pioneer in the consumption of this soft drug. Last year, a referendum legalizing the recreational use of cannabis was adopted. But that does not mean we can do anything and everything. Thus, the Californian Office of Cannabis officially prohibits "the use of drones in order to deliver drugs to potential customers" . This is in any case the exact wording that has been circulated in order to warn all resellers of the state.

The drones, it's really no

Indeed, for several months, many drones fly over Californian cities with inside their small packages, limited quantities of cannabis destined for privileged customers. This clearly does not make it clear to the authorities that "circulating soft drugs in the eyes of all is not a good thing" . Thus, the products will now have to be transported inside commercial vehicles or trailers. It is even stated that it is forbidden to circulate cannabis "via airplanes, boats, railways, drones, human-powered vehicles or all unmanned vehicles" .

We can also read:

Deliveries must now be made by a person in a motor vehicle with sufficient closures. In the case of deliveries, cannabis shall not be visible to the public and shall not be left unattended unless the vehicle is equipped with an active alarm system. All vehicles that deliver cannabis will need a dedicated and active GPS device to quickly identify the geographic location of the vehicle at the time of sale.

This law was implemented as soon as it was distributed. Drones are therefore officially no longer allowed to deliver soft drugs. It remains to be seen what will be the penalties incurred in case of disobedience since no chapter refers to it.