The connected jacket from Levi's and Google is available, but it will not be possible to wash it more than 10 times

It took almost two years to Google and Levi's to develop it, but it is done, Project Jacquard is now marketed in the United States. This connected jacket can be purchased for $ 350. The official website has also revealed the latest information and limitations on it.

Google and Levi's have kept their promise: their jacket connected from Project Jacquard is now available in some American stores of Levi's and will be marketed on its official website (American) as of October 2nd. Sold for $ 350, it is not frankly given. But it is the price of its connectivity, its left sleeve is covered by various wires and sensors allowing to control some applications on its smartphone by touching or tapping it.

A jacket that can only be washed 10 times. But is it serious?

The on-line publication of the official site also allowed to learn a little more on an important point of the garment: its capacity to be washed. We learn that "the jacket is designed to withstand up to 10 machine washes, with the Jacquard module removed." In other words, after these 10 washes, Levi's no longer guarantees that the jacket will still be connected and tactile. But it can always be worn as a simple garment. No question of dry cleaning, the solvents used could indeed damage the circuits and wires of the jacket.

For the CEO of Levi's – as for connoisseurs of real jeans – jeans and by extension denim jackets wash as little as possible. In 2014, Chip Bergh, CEO of Levi's had made a scandal by claiming that the jeans he wore had not seen a washing machine for a year. Without going to such ends, washing two or three times this jacket a year, it is possible to maintain its connectivity for a few years. This is not necessarily bad for a precursor product of its kind.