Ghosted: our opinion on a promising duo that must now accelerate

Take Men in Black replace the duo Will Smith / Tommy Lee Jones by Craig Robinson / Adam Scott and cut it all in 20 minutes episodes and you get (wholesale) series Ghosted . Launched this week on Fox, the comedy show by Kevin Etten and Tom Gormican is mainly in our selection of promising new series of the return thanks to these two well-known actors of the amateurs of the excellent comic series of 20 minutes that are Parks Recreation ( Ghosted probably would have liked Ben Wyatt …), The Office and Brooklyn Nine-Nine . With such a pedigree, the two men are expected at the turn and here is our review of the pilot episode.

A diesel pilot close to stalling at startup

Leroy (Craig Scott) is a former police detective and now a security guard in a shopping mall. Max (Adam Scott), a former Stanford professor who specializes in the multiverse, and who has been madly believed since he says his wife was abducted by aliens, is now employed in a library. For somewhat blurred reason, these two loosers who have nothing in common find themselves associated more or less force by The Bureau Underground, a secret organization charged with investigating and containing paranormal events.

The pilot is used to introduce this situation and to launch the two men in the big bath with a first mystery based on aliens. The show is voluntarily quite cheap and does not hesitate to fully embrace some stereotypes of the SF and the police genre to make fun … with a relative success. The laughs are quite few in number during this first episode and most jokes and dialogues do not work as well as hoped. Arrived at the end of the 20 minutes force is to note that we are glad that it is not a longer format.

The nascent main duo on which rests almost all the show has of course still need some episodes to find a rhythm of cruise and to condemn them from this pilot of introduction would not make much sense. The potential alchemy between the two men is there, but it remains to better concretize the few promising elements seen so far. Ally Walker ( Colony ) and Amber Stevens West ( Greek ) will also be appreciated for the main cast, while with a universe full of paranormal elements, to give to heart joy and that is all that one asks them.

Season 2017/2018: the newest series the most promising to start

Ghosted: our opinion

The pilot episode of Ghosted is not bad and does not pretend to revolutionize, but it is not far from the trash box at the outset. Despite a promising paranormal universe and a duo of actors hardly more attractive to the fans of comedies, the start of the show the Fox hard to convince. The potential is there and hopefully the dialogues and situations proposed by the screenwriters will quickly improve to allow Adam Scott and Craig Robison to give everything they can. Son of Zorn and The Last Man on Earth The Son of Zorn is one of the most popular comic series in the world,

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