iPhone 8 Plus: Apple Opens Investigation Of Batteries That Swell

A few weeks after the launch of the iPhone 8 Plus, some users found that the battery of some devices began to inflate and deform and destroy their smartphone. Apple decided to seize the case and told the British newspaper The Guardian that it was opening an investigation.

These are isolated cases for now, but more and more users are complaining about having seen their iPhone 8 Plus being distorted by the battery, which begins to swell suddenly. For the time being, five cases have been recorded around the world. In Asia, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan, but also in Canada or Greece.

The photos are eloquent, the battery of some iPhone 8 Plus inflates to the point of deforming and breaking the chassis of the device. It is, moreover, difficult to find a common point in the cause of this defect. If some users indicate that this swelling occurred after charging the device, others say that the iPhone battery was already out of the chassis just after opening the box.

Apple takes these cases of faulty batteries very seriously

Contacted by the Guardian, an Apple spokesman said the American company had decided to open an investigation. Defective devices have been recovered by Apple's authorized operators or partners to disassemble them and understand the causes of this malfunction.

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If the number of customers affected by these defective batteries seems low enough and there have been no cases of burning or explosion, Apple is taking the threat seriously. It must be said that we celebrate in recent weeks the first anniversary of the fiasco of the Galaxy Note 7 and its explosive batteries. Apple knows very well today how this kind of inconvenience can have unfortunate consequences.