Chrome Web Store: Fake extension has once again targeted AdBlock Plus users

There are once again bad news regarding Google's Chrome Web Store. There you can download extensions for the Chrome browser, which should actually make the user easier. But there are also extensions that do not have good intentions, use a well-known name and do harm to the user in whatever form. This is not a new problem, but unfortunately one that is still highly actual.

This time it is a fake of the infamous "AdBlock Plus" expansion (as before 2 years ago). The fake simply uses non-Latin characters to make the name look correct. The user, who is only looking for the corresponding extension quickly, will not be able to distinguish it from the real one without a closer look.

While Google forbids such an approach by the usage conditions, it often happens that such extensions find their way into the Chrome Web Store. And that in turn, you can google. An inadequate review of the extensions not only puts the user at risk here, but also plays with the reputation of the actual extension creator, who can not do much for the fake

In this particular case the danger seems already banned, at least the Fake extension can no longer be found in the Chrome Web Store. But this also shows once again that one should also keep the eyes open from official sources, they are not a hundred percent guarantee for secure downloads.

By the way, this issue has not only the Chrome Web Store to fight, synonymous in the Google Play Store does not look much better. Again and again, there are "fake" apps, which are used by big names, but ultimately only serve to make coal with the user. A very unsightly thing, which Google does not seem so easy to handle.