The iPhone X has been dismantled and it is a true masterpiece of engineering

A few days after its release, iFixit has finally dismantled the iPhone X. The opening of the new Apple smartphone is also full of nice surprise since it allows to discover how the American society has managed to integrate as much advanced technology in such a small device. And without damaging its "repairability note" so far.

So, is it really complicated to dismantle an iPhone X? Yes and no answer iFixit, it depends on what you broke and what you want to replace. With a repairability rating of 6/10, the new iPhone gets an honorable score. And rather surprising if we take into account all the innovations it contains.

A relatively easy smartphone to open …

Accessing the bowels of the beast is no more complicated than another smartphone. No question to stupidly lift the hood like a simple smartphone Wiko, of course, the chassis of the iPhone X is filled with glue to ensure its tightness. But once the glue heated and the screen raised with a special spatula, iFixit, like all the other sites specializing in the disassembly of smartphone, can only see that the interior of the phone is a real head of engineering work.

The iPhone X contains a lot of specialized components. Apple has indeed had to place a Taptic Engine chip (for vibration), a Qi module (for wireless charging), the dual photo sensor, but also all the electronics to manage TrueDepth sensors to animate Face ID, not to mention the motherboard and the battery. And all this while maintaining a smaller design than the iPhone 8 Plus.

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… But not to be dismantled

To achieve this, Apple had to trick. Thus, the iPhone X does not contain one, but two batteries, placed in L, the equivalent of a 2716 mAh battery. But the most impressive is the motherboard, which, according to iFixit, is 70% of the size of the motherboard of an iPhone 8 Plus. To achieve this result, Apple "simply" soldered two PCBs together to save space and placed the various connectors in the center of the chassis. "A compact and incredibly powerful design" in the words of iFixit.

According to Kyle Wiens, the CEO of iFixit interviewed by MotherBoard, the design of the iPhone X would have asked for "billions and billions of dollars" of spending in research and development. Just look at the photos and video of iFixit to be convinced.

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However, not everything is rosy in the design of this phone. If it is relatively simple to disassemble, iFixit stresses that the layers of connections are particularly fragile and difficult to replace and especially that the omnipresence of the glass – at the front and the back – makes the phone very fragile. This is particularly the case for the glass shell of the smartphone, both very difficult to replace and which is particularly sharp when trying to disassemble.

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To witness the step-by-step disassembly of the iPhone X, go to this address.