Somfy TaHoma Update 2.8: Support Amazon Alexa & Sonos

Users of Somfy smart home hardware can soon try new Alexa tricks, depending on which of the components they use. The cameras have been operated for some time by Alexa and now components such as shutters are added. It is made possible by the Somfy TaHoma Update Version 2.8, which is distributed in two phases. On November 14, they want to update the servers and on November 15, the TaHoma boxes are tuned. Until about 13:30 o'clock all boxes should have received the update on this day.

Soon the changelog:

Compatibility with Amazon Alexa: TaHoma is now compatible with Amazon Alexa voice control, so TaHoma scenarios can be started by voice command. Simply activate the Smarthome Skill "TaHoma by Somfy" in the Alexa app and all TaHoma scenarios will automatically be displayed in the Alexa app and can be started by voice command: "Alexa, switch on 'Name scenario'".

Integration of Sonos Sound System: TaHoma now also integrates the speakers of the Sonos Sound System, so that individual songs, albums, playlists and radio stations can be started manually as well as in scenarios , the calendar or in if-then conditions are integrated.

Compatibility with IFTTT (expected to be available at the beginning of December): Using the web-based if-then conditions of IFTTT ("if this then that") will use TaHoma compatible with many other products and services already connected to the IFTTT online service. You can register for free via the website or the IFTTT app. You can search for existing "applets" (intelligent automatisms) proposed by Somfy on the TaHoma page of IFTTT, or create your own applets.

(thanks Gleb!)