Trailers that should not be missed this week

As usual, we're back together on the movie or series trailers that marked the week! And we have a great week with The Post, from Spielberg, or The Crown season 2, coming to Netflix in early December. Let's go!

Early Man


The first German Netflix series is a good mix of several successful series. And that's promising! – more details here.

Exclusive release on the US platform on December 1.

The Post

The story of the new Spielberg is inspired by the "Pentagon Papers" case, which revealed the political (and military) aims of the United States during the Vietnam War. In the cast: Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks, who will play the duo of investigators. More details, there.

Released in 2018.


Ultimate trailer for the Disney "family" of this end of the year, which will take us to the heart of the Kingdom of the Dead.

Released on November 29th.

The Crown: Season 2

We really liked Season 1, we're really expecting Season 2, which was covered this week with a new trailer. Always seconded by Claire Fontenoy, the second season will focus in particular on the crisis of the Suez Canal, which occurred at the end of 1956, and the political tensions that ensued.

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Released Dec. 8 on Netflix.

Game Night

First trailer for this action-comedy which will include Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams, and reminiscent of The Game David Fincher (more details, at Collider) . We talk about it again, the trailer promises some tasty situations.

Released 2 March 2018.

Early Man

Early Man this is the name of the feature film stop motion by Aardman Studios. A film that will take place in the Stone Age and promises, as usual, some very good moments of humor.

Released (in the United States) in February 2018.

Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie

Ultimate trailer before the release of The Jungle Movie of course built on the world of cartoon

Released November 23, 2017.

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