Datally: an Android application to visualize and manage more easily its data consumption

Google has released a new application on the Play Store: Datally. It allows to visualize, manage and block the data consumption of each of the applications installed on its Android smartphone. Maybe not necessarily useful in France with the unbridled packages of operators, but very convenient if you go on a trip abroad.

Although it has improved a lot in recent years, Android does not yet offer options particularly bushy to properly manage the data consumption of each of the applications installed on his phone. Most Android interfaces seldom show real-time consumption, and sometimes it's hard to find the most power-hungry application or apps at any given time.

Easier control of data consumption

This is probably why Google has just published on the Play Store Datally. It is an application that continuously monitors the data consumption of the phone. Its interface is very simple: it allows to visualize its daily, weekly and monthly consumption of data and especially to display the most demanding applications in real time. Better, the application has a feature of localization of WiFi points closest to its position (restaurant, cafe, public places) and can be found through Google Maps.

To warn you, Datally is a frankly indiscreet application. To work, it requires access to the phone, SMS and the position of the device. It also offers a "data-saving" feature that activates a VPN to block the data consumption of certain applications. There is little doubt that Google must analyze the traffic that goes through this VPN. Still in the weak points of the application, the latter is not (yet) translated into French.

A greedy application in personal data

Datally is a very good companion for those who subscribe to a small package. In France, with the latest low-cost offers from operators, it may not be of great interest. But it's perfect for monitoring data usage when traveling abroad and reducing its roaming envelope.

• Datally on the Play Store