DxO One: Aufsteck-Kamera now also in the Early Access for Android Smartphones

DxOMark may say something to you: Here in the blog we had the topic quite often. That's how DxOMark rates high-end smartphones in terms of camera quality. The game is very exciting, because the ratings of DxOMark have established themselves in a sense in the industry as a standard and are also gladly used for promotional purposes. What maybe less of you know: There is also the DxO One. This is a kind of additional plug-in camera, which is already available for a while for the Apple iPhone. Now, however, in the early access also with an Android version for the price of 499 US dollars.

Unreasonable price? If you ask me, then with certainty: Who retrofits his high-end smartphone again for almost the same price to a camera, should perhaps rather weigh a similar pricing system camera or DSLR purchase. There are many alternatives that stand out in the price / performance ratio better and will achieve better quality results – and if you only take a Nikon D3400 with kit lens for about 430 euros.

But there seems to be some target audience for the plug-in camera, which is connected to Android smartphones via USB Type-C. If you strike at the early-access deal, you will receive a waterproof housing plus the software DxO Photolab in addition to the camera. The DxO One offers a 1-inch sensor, an aperture of f / 1.8, 20.2 megapixels and of course the option to take photos in RAW format.

Since the DxO One integrates a hinged hinge, you can also adjust the smartphone screen when you click. Time-lapse recordings are also possible with the camera, for example. In addition, DxO advertises the camera as particularly well suited for Facebook Live.

As I said, in my opinion this is a less rewarding accessory given the high price. But if you find good arguments for the purchase, I'm very curious – after all, my taste and my preferences do not have to apply to you. If you're interested in the DxO One – here you can sign up for the Early Access program.