Google Chrome: Password Import and Export Will Change Again

The topic of password import and export in conjunction with Google Chrome is a bit biased. Where other manufacturers simply do not change anything – or at least inform them about changes – Google just keeps going in the background. For this reason, Google hides much behind switches in the browser Chrome, which one can elicit with the input of chrome: flags. Google is also modernizing this view at the moment, many are still seeing the very old view, soon there will be a modernized material design view.

But that's not the point, it's about exporting passwords from Chrome. Should be synonymous for the Android version and was synonymous in the past in Google Chrome on the desktop usable. I wrote instructions on "Password Export from Google Chrome" – but they are now obsolete.

Because Google has currently removed the possibilities from Google Chrome, the corresponding subpages are no longer found in Google Chrome. Why the whole? Because Google will split up the import and export of passwords. This provides for different setting options and until just those are not unlocked by Google, nothing is possible.

In the Canary versions, that is, the early pre-release versions, you are already beginning to incorporate and implement the whole thing. For this purpose, you have now installed two flags, with which you want to test later import and export – previously only the setting of a flag was needed. Later, the user will have extra settings for passwords in the browser Chrome and will be able to import and export them, a special menu is then responsible, as the screenshot above this paragraph shows.

If you export the passwords, they will be offered in clear text in the form of a csv file for export. Once the new feature arrives in the Google Chrome release channel, we'll let you know again.

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