Classic Shell for Windows is discontinued

I had it about two years ago, it was one of my first posts here on the blog, once reported on Classic Shell. 2009 started with the application, which essentially brings the modern Windows Start menu back to its classic form – Classic Shell. Millions of times the application was downloaded. The popularity of Classic Shell is unbroken. Nevertheless, there is now a less good news: Classic Shell for Windows will be discontinued. The development ends. In the official forum, the developer Ivo Beltchev justified his decision with some sadness.

The developer thanks all the helpers who have supported Classic Shell over the years. For the end of the project, he has several reasons ready: firstly, he does not have the time to work on Classic Shell continues to work efficiently. On the other hand, Microsoft is updating Windows 10 very frequently, and any major update will disrupt Classic Shell's functionality in a new way.

In addition, Microsoft's vision of Windows moves farther and farther away from the classic Win32 model, which originally allowed the many adjustments made by Classic Shell. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the modifications by the essay in its usual form.

The end of the song? Now the most recent version of Classic Shell is open source and via SourceForge. Everyone is free to create forks and possibly lead the project to new splendor. The download mirror via MediaFire will be effective for half a year. The official forum for Classic Shell will be available until the end of 2018. However, Ivo Beltchev himself only wants to be sporadic.

Well, what do you think? Is this really the end of Classic Shell or will the open source community fix it?