DropMix Test

Where things become immediately less fun, it is that to make the most of DropMix it is much better to have a maximum of cards. With the 60 basic cards, you will quickly go around the possibilities especially since there are necessarily series that you will like much less than others. The playlist packs cost € 15 each and the discovery packs are charged € 5. Basically, a card costs 1 € and the entire "Season 1" is therefore 130 € for the console plus 240 € for all 240 other cards … Yes, you'll get out for 370 € if you want the complete set DropMix .

You will tell me, if you do not like dance or electro, you can probably skip all the corresponding cards . This is not entirely true as the mixes still benefit from this variety of instrumentation. Indeed, each of the songs put forward by Harmonix is ​​"cut out". Thus, the brass of Short Skirt / Long Jacket as well as the percussions constitute 2 cards of the series Blade, while the song and the line of bass are on 2 cards of the series Hightower. Worse on Bring Me To Life of Evanescence is broken on 3 series. The goal is of course to force the players to spend to play with all the components of their favorite songs.

More annoying, the selection proposed for this "Season 1" is finally hungry. Only 59 songs are present for as many artists! Harmonix obviously could not offer thousands of songs, but the result is still disappointing … especially for the amount involved. Somme that also does not even allow to enjoy the songs in their entirety. No, we did the test on some tracks: we can roughly count on 60-80 seconds of each of the pieces before DropMix does a nice loop. It does it cleverly, but the cut is still heart-wrenching.

Let's not force the line however, because the mixes proposed by the software are successful and we particularly appreciate the way DropMix ] manages to manage the differences of rhythms. The higher level cards seem to outweigh the others, and so the I Will Survive of Gloria Gaynor slowed by Disturbed (Down With The Sickness) is disturbing. Alas, the very principle of the Clash mode does not always make it possible to take advantage of musically interesting combinations: indeed, the objective of the players goes against the very idea of ​​composing mixes that one will find satisfactory, the goal is to to get the first one to 21 points and it does not matter if all this turns into a mush of instruments.

Let's finish by evoking various bugs. The cards appear to contain an RFID chip for the console to detect. It works well, but fans of sleeves will take ultra-thin so that the console continues to identify them, especially with stacks of 7 or 8 cards. Trouble also with the pairing of the console that requires some reset . Still problem with Bluetooth: it is advisable to connect the console first and then your Bluetooth speaker. Finally, the battery of the smartphone is heavily solicited and a pity that the console – it works battery – can not serve as a central to recharge the laptop.