Google Allo: Contact via Mail and cross-device use in planning

Google Allo is to receive quite extensive innovations, which could greatly enhance the Messenger. Google tinkering so currently always eager to its applications. At least that indicates a teardown of the new APK. Currently you can only be logged in to Allo at one device at a time. Multiple devices and simultaneous access via an account? Unfortunately, this is currently not working. However, the code of the new APK already contains references to multi-device support. Unfortunately, it is unclear how exactly Google wants to integrate that. Probably the registration via the Google account should be sufficient.

In addition, in the latest version of Allo behind the scenes logically there are hints that it might soon be possible to contact other users via the phone number just via the Google Account or an e-mail address. So the code refers to the option to chat with Gmai contacts and to find other users about their name, their e-mail address and of course their phone number as usual.

However, Google has also worked out other improvements. For example, Google redesigns the detail view of the groups so that there are individual tabs (see screen shot) for the subsections.

In addition, contacts from version 23 can now be better shared: Instead of linking only the VCF file as in the screenshot above, the number is displayed directly in Allo.

It will then appear instead a shortcut to start directly with the respective contact a new Allo-Chat. In addition, the integrated camera at Allo will finally have a way to control the flash – shown in the upper right half of the screen. Google is also working on new camera and effects icons.

In addition, the longer pressure on a message no longer provoke a toolbar, but below call up a new menu that provides with larger buttons at appropriate intervals shortcuts for sharing, forwarding and deleting messages (see picture).

All in all, these are all nice changes that are pending or could possibly come. When, however, Google might be able to get started with multi-device support in practice, is of course in the stars.

(via 9to5Google)