Ingress Prime: Niantic Restarts Its First AR Game 2018

Niantic is likely to be a household name to most users, especially through Pokémon GO, of which last year's mobile game phenomenon has sure everyone will notice something. But Pokémon GO was not the first such title of Niantic, already 5 years ago there was a game with Ingress, which uses a very similar game mechanics, as it were used as a basis for Pokémon GO. Ingress fell a bit behind by Pokémon GO, waiting for new features in the past few months in vain.

That should change in 2018 but tremendously, because Niantic will completely rebuild Ingress. The big update will be released as Ingress Prime and will especially attract new players. In addition, the story is redesigned, which is reminiscent of the original, but is also easier to understand for new players.

Ingress veterans should also be happy with the new version, the main elements of the game will not change much. Well, but on the technology and of course on the app itself. Niantic will fall back on the technical achievements of Pokémon GO, so would like to stop even cheaters. This was a long learning process at Pokémon GO.

On the screenshots above you can see the current (old) version of Ingress on the left, the new version on the right, which will come in 2018. It seems tidier and can lead to a better understanding of the game.

The app itself should be easier to use and the whole ingress concept just more for the mass. The fact that location-based gaming can work has now been clearly proven. In order to make Ingress even more attractive, there should also be an anime series, details of which are not known.

You may be curious to see what Niantic thinks of. The charm of the new was satisfied by Pokémon GO in the mass – and next year is in addition to the Ingress reissue even an AR game in the "Harry Potter" universe in the house. Let's just hope that Niantic has also learned in the area of ​​backend, Pokémon GO brought the servers to their load limits again and again, especially when larger events were.