OnePlus 5T: Official Cases Briefly Viewed

I've already written it several times here in the blog: Actually, I do not really like cases for smartphones. Nevertheless, I use which. That does not just have a reason. Because in the meantime you do not only have to be afraid of extreme fall damage, many smartphones look fragile even from the factory, so you prefer to pack them in a case. And then there is also the fact that many devices simply miss a natural grip. And if you do not like it so much, then you better buy a shell.

Personally, I think that such a case not only has to be functional, it also likes to look pretty and have no disadvantages. And if you get a high-end smartphone, you certainly will not save yourself at the wrong end and buy yourself a bad-seated couple-cent-expensive China solution. We had the OnePlus 5T in the test the other day and then I had the opportunity to look at five of the official cases. But I have to mention: Although there are five cases, but actually less different types, since there are three of the bumper case, but just visually different.

To everyone I want to say a few words, subjectively tell what I think of it. Rather, I did not want to do crash tests – it would not be quite meaningful, since every smartphone in a fall certainly reacts differently, even in a shell.

OnePlus 5T Silicone Protective Case

My favorite with whom I want to start here. Is at around 22 euros. Is also available in black. I like the red color very much. The shell provides in my opinion good grip in the hand. Wraps the OnePlus 5T down to the bottom very well and does not look like a cheap Geraffel sleeve. Made of silicone in three layers. Here again the lower recess:

OnePlus 5T Carbon / Rosewood / Ebony Bumper Case

A case in different designs. Pretty good grip and comprehensive protection. The OnePlus 5T does not completely encase, even "bottom", like the OnePlus 5T Silicone Protective Case. Has a cheap look on the side in the bright rosewood finish, because bright edge does not fit so well in contrast to the wood look as in the ebony edition, which is simply dark. Here's Rosewood from the page:

OnePlus 5T Carbon Bumper Case:

For hardship cases. To protect particularly well, is made of DuPont Kevlar fibers and rubber. Despite the rubber side quite robust. The robustness can be seen by comparing the shell with the others, bending the back.

OnePlus 5T Protective Case Sandstone

Could probably offer the best grip in the hand, because it is quite rough. Has quite a lot of cutouts for bumper cases:

OnePlus 5T in the test: is the new acquisition really worthwhile?

How is it with you? Shell or none? Fancy or do not care?