OnePlus 5T: This facial recognition can be outsmarted

Face recognition is gaining more and more importance in smartphones. The main culprits are the full-format displays, which are no longer just used for flagship models. Although you can push the fingerprint scanner – the currently most popular option of device unlocking – backwards, but not every user is happy. Even the recently introduced OnePlus 5T is equipped with face recognition. This does not work as bad as you can read in our review. But we are sure of it?

If there is a new method that is supposedly safe, it will not take long until it is overcome. You saw that in the past and you will see that in the future. The question should therefore really be: How much effort must be made to crack the supposedly secure system.

OnePlus focuses on capturing the front camera during face unlock. No additional sensors, it uses the image of the user to gain access to the device. A simple picture is not enough for the OnePlus 5T. However, it is not too difficult, as a user now reports via reddit.

He was able to circumvent facial recognition with a "picture mask". Not just like that. Because, for example, the lighting situation has to fit. If the picture is taken in a situation other than the prevailing situation, access is not granted. Likewise, it should not be enough to just hold the picture in front of the camera, but if you hold the picture in front of a face (and have a similar overall stature as the person photographed).

Even though this sounds like "it's not that safe," it takes a bit more effort to get around OnePlus 5T face recognition. Considering the speed at which the OnePlus 5T unlocks through facial recognition, it may be a good compromise between safety and comfort – if one is already prepared to make such a compromise.