Free Wi-Fi now in some regional trains in Bremen and Lower Saxony

Deutsche Bahn already offers free Wi-Fi for all passengers on ICE trains. From my own experience, I can report that this works better, sometimes worse. Also in some regional trains one tests the offer of WLAN for the passengers. Surprisingly, I was able to enjoy Wi-Fi in the regional train on a train from Kiel to Lübeck. However, this comfort in regional trains is still the exception rather than the rule. For December 10, and in the wake of a pending timetable change, Deutsche Bahn intends to introduce free Wi-Fi in even more Regio Nord trains.

100 MB per passenger are to be available per day. The regional trains with Wi-Fi carry the inscription "This train can do more – digital in the region". However, the equipment is limited again only to certain routes. Specifically, this is about the connections between Norddeich, Oldenburg, Bremerhaven, Hanover and Osnabrück. Lower Saxony or Bremen is thus in this case to enjoy the free Wi-Fi in regional trains. The cities are connected via the interface of the main station of Bremen.

The costs for the conversion have been shared by the Lower Austrian National Railway Company (LNVG), the Bremen Transport Senator, the Hannover Region and the DB Regio AG. If you would like to know, with which bandwidth you can turn the 100 MByte per day for you: You get only a relatively vague indication. Because the range in the trains is dependent on the efficiency of the portable radio nets along the distance, according to the German course

After all, things are progressing: Wi-Fi is moving into more and more regional trains. Until we can talk about coverage across Germany, there is still plenty of time left to go into the country.

(via buten un inside)