[Le concert-événement] 15 years of Naheulband, a birthday to celebrate without moderation!

In the year of grace 2001, the Internet saw one of the first MP3 sagas appear: The Naheulbeuk Dungeon created by John Lang, also known as Pen of Chaos ]. There was a group of quaint adventurers who were preparing to face the dangers of an awful dungeon to recover the famous statuette of Gladeulferha. Playing with the classic codes of the heroic fantasy the series could count on an irresistible humor to stage characters who did not hesitate to insult copiously.

The success of the saga allows it to be then declined in other media. And it is with joy that one explores the lands of Fangh in the form of comics, novels and even paper role plays. As and when episodes develops a whole world, composed of cities, myths, but mostly music! And that's where the Naheulband comes from. The group was born in 2002, with the sole purpose of appearing during the "World of the Game" in Paris that same year. But we must believe that members have taken taste, and great good we do. Fifteen years later, 125 concerts were given in France, of course, but not only: Swiss, Belgian and Quebecers were also able to attend colorful performances.

A great family reunion

And to celebrate this anniversary, the group proposes a concert-event to be held on December 17 at the Trianon in Paris. More than a show, it is a question of finding here all the universe proper to the group, thanks to stands, games or even the initiation to the medieval dance. The bravest of you will also be able to compete in spectacular tea duels.

On the stage will obviously be present the Naheulband but not only! You can indeed attend the performances of Magoyond and Neko Light Orchestra, a large family who has decided to meet fans to celebrate with them this great adventure. You will also meet part of the team of the web series Noob, but also the designer Guillaume Albin or the members of Naheulbeuk Online, among others.

In short, if there is an event that looks awesome at the end of the year (besides the activities of this old Mr. Noel), it is this birthday with the air of family feast, a very large and chaotic family

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