Unicode: Emoji 11.0 beta turns on the emojis

Unicode has unveiled the latest beta release of the upcoming emoji update. New items include a cupcake, bagel or even a kangaroo. But even a teddy, a mango, a happy party face, a skateboard and a spool of yarn could soon be among the official Emoji. Emoji 11.0 (formerly known as Emoji 6.0) will not be available in the final version until 2018. However, the list of possible new acquisitions is increasing. Unicode leads the whole thing under the banner TR-51.

It is also very exciting that Unicode is planning a possibility to experiment with the directions of Emojis. By this is meant that while there would be an assigned direction for emojis, that one can be handled flexibly. Then you might be able to align a train to your left or to the right.

For examples of different orientations, see the screenshot above. Many users have longed for such a possibility. Logically, if you want to tell, for example, a small picture story, the orientation must fit. Unfortunately, this does not always work with given directions for the Emoji.

The first three emoji have fallen out of beta. So you are no longer part of the Emoji 11.0 Beta or currently no longer candidates for the final version. The final list of the new Emoji will be decided only in January 2018 – there is still a small chance of a disappointed Kothaufen. Details about the final version of Emoji 11.0 will be available in the first quarter of 2018. The rollout by the providers such as WhatsApp Facebook, Apple and Co. is expected to be in the second half of 2018. Developers, in turn, already have access to the appropriate files to experiment with.

(via Emojipedia)