Collector's Cans for Star Wars and Avengers!

The fashion of licensed products is no longer limited to toys and clothing. Today we can see more and more consumer products that faithfully reproduce the colors of famous licenses with varying degrees of success.

We came across the cans made by the company Drink Department One which take over the universe of Star Wars and Avengers you could discover them in our latest JDGBox. Notice to collectors, these cans are collector and produced in limited editions!

Star Wars Space Punch

12 collectible models these cans are distinguished by their two colors, gilded for the bright side of the force and black for the dark side. They take again the characters of the original saga which generates a true retro / collector's side. Inside is a vitamin-free, caffeinated soft drink with only 20 calories per can (drinkable by everyone!). To start your collection, you will find these cans at Carrefour Hyper and Super and in automatons present in the big Parisian stations. 8 more models with newer characters should soon arrive on the shelf! Count less than 2 euros per can.

Avengers Powerfruit Punch

The year 2018 will be under the influence of the heroes of the Marvel universe with the release of several films (Black Panther, Avengers Infinity Wars, Ant-Man & The Wasp …). To satisfy your thirst and your collector's appetite, Drink Department One has developed an Avengers beverage collection with a series of 12 silver cans. Taking the main Avengers, the can contains a carbonated beverage with superfruits (blackcurrant, pomegranate, cranberry …) without caffeine or added sugar and always with 20 calories. The little detail that kills: the tongue is engraved with the seal of the Avengers! To consume without moderation ! Count less than 2 euros per can.

Hulk Smash

Hulk made a strong impression in the movie Thor Ragnarok. We find it here in a 750ml green 750ml can! Called Hulk Smash, this huge can contains a moisturizing green drink made with sparkling water, citrus fruits and vitamins. Perfect for athletes (only 15 calories per can), thirsty and movie nights with XXL popcorn! You will find these Avengers drinks at different outlets for the release of Avengers Infinity Wars next April! Count less than 3 euros per can.