Discover the work of Simon Yeung, an urban explorer in love with the United Kingdom

A photographer living in Glasgow, Simon Yeung is passionate about architecture and old buildings. A passion that has naturally led to urban exploration, which he practices assiduously, and from which he draws pictures of great beauty. And if its preferred geographical area remains the United Kingdom, this does not prevent it, the time of a getaway, to capture incredible places throughout Europe.

Like many other urban explorers, what motivates Simon Yeung in the first place is to capture the magic of these abandoned places and to emphasize the beauty that still lives in these areas that are slowly degrading under the effect of time. Truly obsessed by old buildings, he makes every effort to take the best possible shot at each of his visits, not hesitating to take many risks during his explorations.

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If the photographs from the Urbex scene are beautiful, we too often tend to forget how dangerous these shots can be. Simon Yeung has often found himself visiting unstable buildings, about to collapse, and has more than himself suffered injuries, light fortunately. Nevertheless, the photographer also emphasizes that this danger helps to motivate him, even to excite him.

If Simon Yeung's main geographical area of ​​activity remains the United Kingdom, where he captures stations, churches, mines, manor houses and other abandoned hospitals, he also very often travels all over Europe and Europe. worldwide. Trips during which he still satisfies his passion for urban exploration. It is also possible to find all of his pictures on the urbex on his Instagram account, we strongly encourage you to visit.