Faced with the controversy provoked by Detroit: Become Human, its creator David Cage reacts

Expected for the first half of 2018, Detroit: Become Human is bound to be highly anticipated by players around the world. David Cage, its creator, has nonetheless faced accusations in recent days on the side of Australia and the United Kingdom where several associations have decided to climb the niche. Specifically, we evoke the sequence unveiled during the last Paris Games Week where we could see Kara, an android housekeeper must make a choice: obey his master or decide to save the girl victim of abuse of his father who beat her with a belt, to the point of leaving her without life.

"Less empathy for the victims of violence"

According to 9News this episode of the game was shocked and the National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse (NAPCAN), which fights against child abuse, recently responded via its Deputy Director General, Leesa Waters:

The content of this game is so horrible that it can traumatize anyone who looks at it, especially people who have themselves been victims of domestic violence. We ask the shops to take responsibility for marketing games like this.

The message is clear: the association wants Detroit: Become Human purely and simply not marketed in Australia. NAPCAN also relied on analyzes by psychologists who believe that such immersive and interactive games could lead young people to acts of violence.

"Playing a game like this will not turn an individual into infanticide, but it contributes to the acceptance and tolerance of the culture of violence. If you play a game where violence is important, and it is portrayed in a realistic way, you will find it easier to tolerate it in your life. You will also have less empathy for the victims of this violence. even declares a professor of a Queensland Universtiy of Technology.

In the United Kingdom, the journalist Esther Rantzen, founder of the ChilLine association, explains in the DailyMail that it is nothing more than an unhealthy and repulsive game.

Violence against children is not entertainment. It's not a game. It's a real nightmare for thousands of kids who have gone through this scenario. The developers of this game should be ashamed. I think it's bad. Who thinks that beating a child is entertainment?

Again, a call for a boycott is launched unless Sony decides to remove the scene. "Game developers have a duty to protect children and their responsibility extends to virtual children" she says.

"There are no limits"

David Cage

Faced with these controversies, David Cage had a right of reply. The creator of Detroit, but also Beyond: Two Souls or Heavy Rain before that explains that his game does not focus on domestic violence. For him, a video game is as legitimate as a book or a movie to explore and denounce certain subjects.

There are things I will never do as a racist, misogynistic game. These are the limits. When you feel in agreement with the content and the meaning, when you know that there is nothing to be ashamed of because it is right and that it tells the good story and that it is moving, it does not there are no limits.

If I had to give my opinion on the subject, I would simply add that the game is intended for an informed audience and normally mature enough to understand that it is not a reality but simply a fiction . What is more, what we are asked to do is to make a choice and, thankfully, to fight against this violence in order to save the little girl from a father under the influence of alcohol. Violence is therefore not highlighted but well represented as a human deviance, extremely harmful. But again, when it comes to video games, the debate can only be opened.